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Traveller information

Full name: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Area: 51,129 Sqm
Population: approximately 4 million
Capital: Sarajevo
Currency: Convertible mark (BAM), EUR 1.00 = BAM 1.95

Visa is not required for citizens of EU countries, Iran, Japan, Canada, Qatar, Kuwait, U.S.A., Tunisia, Vatican, Switzerland, Bahrain, Malaysia, Oman, Russian Federation, Croatia, Macedonia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Montenegro, Turkey, and United Arab Emirates. All others are obliged to obtain visa for entering Bosnia and Herzegovina. Visas are to be issued by diplomatic and consular missions abroad.

About us

Our agency has been established in 1999 and during the past years we have become the leading company in arranging fishing packages in this part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. “Delta fly fishing” today is the premier agency and guide service in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is our mission to provide the finest quality personal service and instructions. Fly fishing is our passion and we want to help you have the best possible fishing experience.

A guided fly fishing trip with Delta agency is the perfect way to experience the breathtaking Bosnia rivers. Whether you are a novice or expert angler, our staff can personally customize a guided trip to create an unforgettable fly fishing experience.

How to find us

If you are planning on arriving with a personal vehicle, you may use the Michelin service ; please choose Bihac or Kljuc as your destination parameter, depending on you favored fishing destination.

If you are planning on arriving via air, the best options are the airports in Zagreb, Zadar or Split. All three destinations allow bookings through Ryan Air, Germanwings, etc. with the option of booking cheap flights. We can also pre-arrange a rent-a-car service to await you at any of these airports at any time.